Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Alaska Primary Care Association’s SCAHEC’s WIOA Youth Program is committed to getting underserved Alaskan youth working as health care professionals!

The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act was passed by legislation to help youth access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market. As a grantee recipient of WIOA funding through the State of Alaska’s Department of Labor, AHEC strives to support youth through the successful completion of both allied and behavioral health programs, with the ultimate goal that these students will grow to become excellent providers for the rural and underserved communities of Alaska. Eligibility requirements apply. Program benefits include

How do I know if I am eligible for SC AHEC’s WIOA Youth Program?

Students interested in this program should contact one of our case managers listed below who will schedule time to meet to determine eligibility. At minimum students must:

What will be expected of me if I enroll in SC AHEC’s WIOA Youth Program?

For information and to apply, call 907-357-0411 or contact a case manager.

In Anchorage: Kayla Franklin

In the Mat-Su Valley: Teresa Novakovich

In the Kenai Peninsula Area: Alicia Reando