Telehealth has been utilized by numerous facilities in Alaska for years to provide health care access to remote areas. But with the advent of COVID-19 there is now a new awareness and increased need for utilization of this excellent means of providing value driven patient care. Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA) has sought out experts in the field of telehealth to provide guidance via webinars. These webinars have been recorded and made available to the CHCs to view on our SharePoint. We also offer a one on one virtual opportunity for the CHCs to address specific telehealth issues and concerns. During these virtual meetings, the TTA team provide technical assistance and offer advice and guidance. Contact Tara Ferguson-Gould, TTA Director or Judith Lewallen, APRN, Clinical Services Coordinator.

We have further resources which contains a plethora of material concerning all aspects of telehealth from initiating to concerns about sustainability. To request access to the Telehealth SharePoint and for any further questions, please contact Judith Lewallen, APRN, Clinical Services Coordinator at