Azara DRVS & Health Catalyst User Groups

Alaska Azara DRVS & Health Catalyst User Groups
APCA has two peer user groups:  The Alaska Azara DRVS User Group and the Alaska Health Catalyst User Group.  These groups are a collaboration of APCA staff and Participating Health Center (PHC’s) members of the HCCN to work together.  The goal is for peers to optimize and improve data management and use visualization platforms to improve quality measures and population health.  APCA staff facilitates these monthly calls and will provide information on product development, upcoming trainings, and other relevant information.  User groups have been created in SharePoint for peers to network and to use as a document repository.

For more information on the Alaska Azara DRVS & Health Catalyst Users Groups, Please contact  Nellie Roehl, Clinical Applications Coordinator at