Health Center Controlled Network

In 2016, the Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA) applied for funding under the Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) funding opportunity from HRSA and was awarded the grant for an initial project period of August 1, 2016- July 31, 2019. Using the HCCN funds, APCA was able to establish the Alaska Quality Improvement Network (AQuIN). The current HCCN funding opportunity project period is August 1, 2019- July 31, 2022.

The purpose of AQuIN is to support participating health centers by working together to advance the use of health information and analytics to improve and sustain quality of care and health outcomes of our patients. APCA procured the Azara DRVS data warehouse for participating CHCs where their UDS data and other health, financial, and performance measures will be input and analyzed with the eventual goal of realizing cost savings, increasing funding awards from HRSA and other grants, improved care coordination, and improved optimization of their EHR systems. Additional benefits to network members include training and technical assistance around practice transformation.

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