The Chemistry for Alaska’s Community is Strong

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The Chemistry for Alaska’s Community is Strong

The theme of this Health Center Week is “The chemistry for community is strong”

So, I’ve put together some words that, if my voice was better, could be a song.

Webster defines the combination of substances as chemistry

CHCs’ mix includes clinical, behavioral, enabling and dentistry

The people who work in health centers are so upbeat

When a patient comes in, staff are up on their feet to greet.

Within the 4 walls of your local clinic

Patients who visit wait only a few minutes

To see clinicians who, to the community, are loyal

They treat everyone visiting the clinic like a royal.

All the clinic staff have an energy that does not waver

As they listen carefully to the words and behaviors

Of the friends and neighbors who come with unique needs

Staff endeavor to sow the fertile seeds

That, with caring and encouragement, bloom at length

So our patients achieve their best health.

Today we recognize

Special staff whose commitment is certified,

Those exceptional people who daily set a high bar –

These are our Alaska Health Center Super Stars!

— Nancy Merriman
Executive Director
Alaska Primary Care Association