Emergency Management

As the COVID pandemic taught us, we cannot be too prepared for an emergency. Often times, when disasters strike our communities, our neighbors look to local authorities as well as health services for direction. Therefore, it is essential for Community Health Centers to have an emergency management plan in place. At APCA, one of our goals to ensure that our members have access to assistance they need in preparing for emergencies that may come up. Over the next few months, this page will be updated with resources and toolkits to help your Community Health Center have adequate plans in place no matter what disaster might strike next.

National Resources

CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response

Public Health Emergency

TRACIE – Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information Gateway

State Resources 

State of Alaska Homeland Security and Emergency Management

State of Alaska Governor Press Releases

APCA Resources 

Coming Soon

In the meantime, if you need more information, please email memberservices@alaskapca.org to reach APCA’s Emergency Preparedness Manager.

Memorandum of Understanding

In 2021, APCA adopted a Memorandum of Understanding – Reporting of FQHC Emergency Closures policy.

The Alaska Primary Care Association (APCA) as required in its cooperative service agreement with HRSA is mandated to report emergencies that disrupt operations of Alaska Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). Emergencies are defined, in this instance, as any closure of an FQHC site as a result of a state of emergency declared by a local, state, and/or federal entity. Emergency reporting by APCA includes:

  1. An initial report of the closure to the APCA HRSA Project Officer; and,
  2. Subsequent reports and requests to respond to additional details until the FQHC reopens.

We have invited all Community Health Centers to participate in this MOU with annual membership letters. If you would like a full copy of the MOU to review, please contact Ami Reece at the above email to request the document.

In the event that any FQHC must close for an emergency, please notify APCA so we can ensure you receive any required assistance or follow-through.