Alaska Primary Care Association Annual Report 2021

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Alaska Primary Care Association Annual Report 2021

Alaska Primary Care Association is pleased to present the Annual Report for 2021. At the beginning of the pandemic, speculation proposed that COVID would be under control by the end of the summer in 2020. Now, as we see the end of summer for a second time, the pandemic is ever present in our minds.

Regardless of the struggles the pandemic has had on our personal and professional lives, Community Health Centers have continued to remain a beacon of hope and examples of strength in Alaska’s Healthcare spaces as they Adapt, Achieve, and Advance: Stronger Than Before. This year’s Annual Report celebrates all of those efforts.

As we look towards the future, APCA zeroes in on the journey to value and integration. “Alaska Health Centers are working toward a future where whole person patient care aligns with healthier lives, increased value for expenditure, and a fully staffed and motivated team of health providers” (APCA Annual Report 2021, pg 8).

We invite you to review our Annual Report to spark this critical conversation in your own practices and advocacy efforts. Here’s to another fantastic year of Alaskan Community Health Centers!